What is the Best Flooring Option for Your Basement?

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The basement is one of the bonus rooms in a home that has plenty of great use for the homeowner who takes advantage of the space. When your basement has good flooring, it’s much easier to go from there creating a room that surpasses expectations. But with so many flooring options available, how can you decide which is best for your basement before you make the call to the flooring company lindon ut?

The basement is considered a ‘below grade’ room. This sounds pretty scary but it just means the space is located below ground level, which means that some of the same flooring materials that would suffice in the main part of the home may not work so well in this area of the home. Nonetheless there are ample flooring options to pick from to create the perfect basement look that you desire.

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Consider factors such as moisture and humidity, floor surface levelness, your budget, and the height of the ceiling. The basement is prone to moisture and humidity which can cause cracking and other issues in the floor. An uneven floor surface may also affect the floor material that you choose since installing some flooring options is impossible when the floor is not even.

Tile is a common flooring material that homeowners install in their basement. It is affordable and comes in many styles to suit your needs. On the downside, it is cold to walk on with bare feet.  Vinyl flooring is suitable for the basement as well, and like tile, comes in assorted designs that are sure to match your personality and needs.  Laminate and engineered hardwood are two additional flooring materials that work perfectly in the basement. It’s important that you avoid installing real hardwoods in this area of the home, however.